What is Potts Point Shop Late?

Potts Point Shop Late is our time to shine. Building on previous late night trading and events in the area, Shop Late is a promotional campaign and trial of late night trading intended to bring more fun and foot traffic to our village after dark and connecting our businesses and streets.

  • Night 1 Thursday 29 October 5-8pm
  • Night 2 Thursday 26 November 5-8pm
  • Night 3 Thursday 17 December 5-8pm

What activities are happening during Shop Late?

48 local businesses are participating in Shop Late, including 32 retail businesses, 10 hospitality businesses, 6 other businesses not opening but collaborating with another business that is open. More than half of businesses are undertaking some form of business to business collaboration which is fantastic for our village.

View the Shop Late map and directory here.

Is Shop Late a Covid Safe promotion?

Potts Point Shop Late is a promotional campaign primarily supporting existing business operations. All participating businesses are responsible for their own activity and are required by the Partnership to have a Covid Safe Plan in place before they participate and to share details of this plan with the Shop Late Covid Marshall. This includes businesses that may not be legally required to have a Covid Safe plan.

A Shop Late Covid Marshall and volunteers identified by hot pink vests and surprise visual element will be roving our streets to ensure everyone is having a good time while helping to ensure social distancing around our neighbourhood.

Where can I get more information?

Join the Shop Late event on Facebook here.

Download social media assets here.

Business specific FAQs are here.

Contact the project team at [email protected]